Current Students

Wang, Qiuyue. Negotiating interpersonal relations in cross-cultural family vlogs: An exchange structure analysis. MA thesis. UIBE.

Past MA Students

Zhang, Huizhong. 2022. Shifts in English to Chinese translation of clause in technical handbooks. UIBE.

Li, Xueyan. 2022. Shifts in the English-Chinese translation of grammatical metaphor in International Financial Reporting Standards. UIBE.

Yuan, Chu. 2020. Author-reader relationship in advice columns on parenting during a pandemic. Essay in the Master of Crosscultural and Applied Linguistics program. The University of Sydney.

Past BA Students

Danzenglazhen. 2022. A sociolinguistic study of the linguistic landscape of Lhasa and its surrounding areas. UIBE.

Wu, Wenxuan. 2022. A field theory analysis of “right protection” of growing idol’s fans: The case of Times Fengjun. UIBE.

Mazina. 2022. A comparative study on the news reports of Meng Wanzhou incident between Chinese and American media from the perspective of Appraisal Theory. UIBE.

Gu, Shiyi. 2021. Globalization of Chinese social media: A comparative analysis of Douyin and TikTok corporate social responsibility webpages. UIBE.

Wei, Zhuomeng. 2021. Creative communication strategies of cosmetic brands in the era of We Media: The case of Perfect Diary. UIBE.

Yang, Dongyi. 2021. Product placement in amateur observation reality shows: The case of Let’s Fall in Love 2. University of International Business and Economics (UIBE).

Song, Jiawen. 2016. The features of the NP in the light verb construction. CUMTB.

Mo, Ran. 2015. A systemic functional grammar based analysis of terminology definitions and explanations in Energy English textbooks. China University of Mining and Technology (CUMTB), Beijing.